You’re all cowards!

Well, let me be more clear, your ancestors were definitely all cowards. Think about it. In order for you to be here people in the past generally had to live to be old enough to have babies. To do this they didn’t die young. Yet who did die young? Well, people at the front of armies did, people who thought they could take on the woolly mammoth with a sharp stick, people who went on crusades to liberate the infidels and people who won Darwin Awards. By this logic many of the people who came before us were a good deal braver then we are. Except, of course, your ancestors.

It makes you wonder why genealogy is so popular. Who wants to find out that great great uncle Ricky was the guy who dressed as a woman when the draft came to town, or that great great great aunt Martha happily ‘fessed up her witches coven to the local lynch mob in order to avoid a nasty hot flush. Really, your ancestors were a pretty nasty bunch.

And frankly, who would have it any other way! If it were different neither you or I would be here after all.

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