Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings 2 – Let’s Play

I’ve just finished a Let’s Play of the Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings 2. I tried to take Roose Bolton and his family to glory across nearly 100 years of gameplay.It was a pretty entertaining ride, go have a read!

New Site!

I’ve launched a new site, It’s a site for gamers where I report on games AARs published all over the place, as well as write some original ones. Right now I’ve got several parts of a Dwarf Fortress play-along tutorial up, as well as some other bits and pieces. I hope you’ll check it out!

Is searching fixed in Second Life?

After ranting to a colleague in Second Life about how poorly Linden Labs have handled the ‘search’ experience, said colleague pointed me to the new search box in the top right of the client. Ok, perhaps it’s not so new, but it’s the first time I’ve used it and the associated “all” search. Initial impressions are that it’s a vast improvement on what went before! But are people using it? I really hope so, as it’s much better than the old SL search tools and it has some interesting implications for how people promote their sims and their Second Life businesses. Read the full post »

Sex continues to dominate in Second Life

rpgsearchAges ago I blogged about how sex dominates in-world search listings in Second Life.  Since I hadn’t been on for a while I thought I would have a look and see if anything has changed. Well, the long and the short of my quick investigation is that it hasn’t. Linden Labs haven’t bothered to chuck a bucket of cold water on the metaverse and Google’s 3.4m hits agree, sex continues to “dominate” Second Life. Read the full post »

What iPhone apps developers should know (but don’t)!

As I browsed the Apple apps store today, looking for new iPhone toys, I stumbled across a great looking flight combat game by a studio who shall remain nameless.

The title was catchy, and although the description was too long, a skim of it seemed promising. But do you know what there wasn’t?

A picture of the game. Read the full post »

Armed Assault – Zombie mod!

Check out this thread on Quarter to three about Armed Assault and the Zombie mod! Here’s an excerpt to wet your lips.. eyes? Whatever.

We rolled in and started laying waste to the zombies but of course, we started to run out of ammo. I told everyone to get into the APC we had brought along and was firing hundreds of .50 cal rounds into the crowds of undead. Then things started deteriorating. They surrounded the APC when, after we had knocked over some walls and trees trying to get out of there, we smashed into a house and had trouble backing out. They started clibing up over the sides and dragged the gunner out of his mount.

It goes on…

Suddenly I was attack from behind and fell to the ground.

As the “Mission Failed” screen came up, the camera zoomed to an above view where I got to see my attacker eatingg my guts. In a final insult, I reanimated and started staggering around! Oh the humanity!

…now doesn’t that sound fun? Sounds like the mod is still a work in process, but with enough content to make it all work right now. It’s almost tempting enough to make me go out and buy Armed Assault, but I’ll hold off for now and instead live vicariously through El Guapo on the Quarter To Three forums!

The future of websurfing

While Microsoft’s Internet Explorer bloats its way to oblivion (recent studies are showing the latest version can hit 300mb+ of RAM used after opening a dozen tabs, Mozilla is quitely revolutionising how people think about content. Check out this presentation on Ubiquity, a beautiful way to mash up your mail, web content, calendars and contacts. Neat!

Blogging from my iPhone

WordPress have released a handy mobile portal which can be reached at

The portal allows you easy access to your blog from anywhere, meaning you can now blog on the bus, on the loo or in bed, like I am now!

And people say geeks don’t get any action!

Bought an iPhone 3G

It’s 2am, so clearly time to blog. I bought an iPhone 3G! …the irony of doing this after my previous post is not lost on me. However, in my defense, I’ve managed to jiggle the plans around until I got one I was happy with. The change from my previous hatred and bile is that I’ve realised that the $50 standard Vodafone plan gets me almost the same deal as the $80 a month plan. Of course, the $80 plan has lots of minutes and texts, but I don’t make that many calls, and the $50 plan has 20 minutes of calls (yes, I know Rest of World, WTF), which will do for me.

The $50 plan has a data cap that’s almost the same as the $80 plan, and if I go over my limit it remains pretty cheap. I also threw on 2000 text messages for $10 bucks. So all up I got a good deal, got a discount on the phone for signing up with those plans, and I’ve got me an iPhone. I’m also quite happy that a combination of selling Second Life currency and other gaming stuff netted me the cash I needed to buy the phone itself.

Yay! iPhone! Yay New Zealand for being first in the world to get it! Boo Vodafone and Telecom NZ for their crappy plans!

Good night!

Vodafone New Zealand’s iPhone plans

Vodafone have announced their iPhone plans. We’re now in the elite club of being among the most expensive places in the world to own an iPhone. We’ve even made the US tech press

Check this lovely table made by a chap over on Geekzone. It shows the total cost of owning an iPhone in NZ over the 24 month contract period.

There’s already at least one petition out there. I signed, but willingly accept it was probably a complete waste of time. There’s also a great grilling of some Vodafone wank on Campbell live for you guys to watch.

I don’t understand the reasons behind their expensive plans. Vodafone have a unique opportunity to draw a very large number of people to contract, and an equally large number of people away from Telecom. What was surely a slam-dunk businesses opportunity, one that comes along maybe once in a decade, has been casually thrown away.

I used to be a fairly big fan of Vodafone. They’ve offered a good service and I’ve loved seeing them put the screws on Telecom. But after today’s price announcement I’m rapidly losing any appreciation I had for the company. For the first time ever I’m thinking I’ll keep an eye on Telecom offers in the future.

Well done Vodafone, you’ve annoyed the hell out of a long, long term customer and you’ve missed a great business opportunity.

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