Sex continues to dominate in Second Life

rpgsearchAges ago I blogged about how sex dominates in-world search listings in Second Life.  Since I hadn’t been on for a while I thought I would have a look and see if anything has changed. Well, the long and the short of my quick investigation is that it hasn’t. Linden Labs haven’t bothered to chuck a bucket of cold water on the metaverse and Google’s 3.4m hits agree, sex continues to “dominate” Second Life. (more…)

What iPhone apps developers should know (but don’t)!

As I browsed the Apple apps store today, looking for new iPhone toys, I stumbled across a great looking flight combat game by a studio who shall remain nameless.

The title was catchy, and although the description was too long, a skim of it seemed promising. But do you know what there wasn’t?

A picture of the game. (more…)

Armed Assault – Zombie mod!

Check out this thread on Quarter to three about Armed Assault and the Zombie mod! Here’s an excerpt to wet your lips.. eyes? Whatever.

We rolled in and started laying waste to the zombies but of course, we started to run out of ammo. I told everyone to get into the APC we had brought along and was firing hundreds of .50 cal rounds into the crowds of undead. Then things started deteriorating. They surrounded the APC when, after we had knocked over some walls and trees trying to get out of there, we smashed into a house and had trouble backing out. They started clibing up over the sides and dragged the gunner out of his mount.

It goes on…

Suddenly I was attack from behind and fell to the ground.

As the “Mission Failed” screen came up, the camera zoomed to an above view where I got to see my attacker eatingg my guts. In a final insult, I reanimated and started staggering around! Oh the humanity!

…now doesn’t that sound fun? Sounds like the mod is still a work in process, but with enough content to make it all work right now. It’s almost tempting enough to make me go out and buy Armed Assault, but I’ll hold off for now and instead live vicariously through El Guapo on the Quarter To Three forums!

GameRing – Webringing Second Life

GameRingHad an idea for a web ring inside second life for games. And so I made it! It’s called GameRing and the SL Games Blog has a better description for it than I’ve come up with so far:

“Pirate Cotton, one of the devs behind DarkLife, is just getting started with a new gamer’s resource called GameRing. Similar to a webring, this is a listing of games that is accessed inworld. The idea is that each game in the ring hosts a GameRing information stand. Maybe you are at a place that needs teams and you are alone – by scrolling through the kiosk you find a game suitable for one player and think, “Hmmm… I never heard of that one – think I’ll give it a try.””

DarkLife v2.0 is up!

Hi there. I know it’s been a while (ok, 2 years or so), but DarkLife version 2 is up! YES! At last! The first Second Life MMORPG is back on its feet!

You can go and play on Istaria Prime and enjoy a small version of the content we’re preparing for you on Navora, which is now locked and closed down while we completely remodel the place. We’re very excited to show you the new game and I think you’ll all enjoy it. It’s had significant work on the code, and includes new features like:

Player oversight coming to EVE Online

News reports state that there will be a player-elected oversight body to watch CCP and be available to audit CCP operations in supporting EVE Online. It’s an interesting, unique idea and I hope that it works out. But despite this enlightened approach, it seems people in CCP still do not get why their players got so riled up recently. This is evidenced by a quote from an interview CCP dev Magnus Bergsson conducted:

Ten Ton Hammer: Ever since this story was released, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the reasoning behind a player base as large as Goonsquad willingly undermining the foundations of the company that created their game. Why would a group of people do that?

Magnus: They refuse to admit that they’re losing to another alliance, and the only explanation that they can figure out is that those guys are cheating. Not just that they’re cheating, but that they’re cheating in cooperation with employees at CCP. That seems to be the only logical explanation that they’re coming up with. (more…)

CCP: “This isn’t the controversy you’re looking for”

EVE Online’s developers, CCP, have produced a formal, written reply to the community about the recent accusations of developer collusion with players and other problems. Before I begin to nitpick I would like to applaud CCP for going to the effort and it’s a good start. Note, I say start. This is the second controversy to come from EVE Online, the first being referred to in an earlier post here and in many other places. They handled the first complaint so poorly back then that players are going to have a hard time swallowing what is a better effort by CCP to engage with the community.


EVE Online controversy

There’s more developer controversy around EVE Online. An open letter to CCP has been penned by the SomethingAwful alliance, Goonswarm, where various claims of impropriety are put forward. Most troubling is the accusation in the letter of a direct coms line between a Band of Brothers (a large, powerful alliance) player and a developer, where the developer, on the player’s word, banned a member of the EVE Online customer service team.


Game SLave Wiki dead

Sadly, the Game SLave Wiki has died, and this time it’s not likely to come back. Johan tells me that the database has crashed and he’s been unable to repair it, and worse, the backups had been failing as well. It seems unlikely we’ll see it back. Meanwhile, you can try and keep up to date with games content in SL by reading the useful SL Games blog Onder Skall, Osprey Therian and Seeker Gray publish. It’s a good read!

EVE-Online video I made!

I’ve been working on a video for EVE-Online for a couple of weeks. It’s a comedy music video set to the Electric Six tune “Gay Bar”. You can read about it on the EVE-Online forums, with links and replies from forumites: “Gay Bar – A Tribute to SirMolle”

* Now with a YouTube Link!

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