Armed Assault – Zombie mod!

Check out this thread on Quarter to three about Armed Assault and the Zombie mod! Here’s an excerpt to wet your lips.. eyes? Whatever.

We rolled in and started laying waste to the zombies but of course, we started to run out of ammo. I told everyone to get into the APC we had brought along and was firing hundreds of .50 cal rounds into the crowds of undead. Then things started deteriorating. They surrounded the APC when, after we had knocked over some walls and trees trying to get out of there, we smashed into a house and had trouble backing out. They started clibing up over the sides and dragged the gunner out of his mount.

It goes on…

Suddenly I was attack from behind and fell to the ground.

As the “Mission Failed” screen came up, the camera zoomed to an above view where I got to see my attacker eatingg my guts. In a final insult, I reanimated and started staggering around! Oh the humanity!

…now doesn’t that sound fun? Sounds like the mod is still a work in process, but with enough content to make it all work right now. It’s almost tempting enough to make me go out and buy Armed Assault, but I’ll hold off for now and instead live vicariously through El Guapo on the Quarter To Three forums!

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