Is searching fixed in Second Life?

After ranting to a colleague in Second Life about how poorly Linden Labs have handled the ‘search’ experience, said colleague pointed me to the new search box in the top right of the client. Ok, perhaps it’s not so new, but it’s the first time I’ve used it and the associated “all” search. Initial impressions are that it’s a vast improvement on what went before! But are people using it? I really hope so, as it’s much better than the old SL search tools and it has some interesting implications for how people promote their sims and their Second Life businesses. (more…)

Sex continues to dominate in Second Life

rpgsearchAges ago I blogged about how sex dominates in-world search listings in Second Life.  Since I hadn’t been on for a while I thought I would have a look and see if anything has changed. Well, the long and the short of my quick investigation is that it hasn’t. Linden Labs haven’t bothered to chuck a bucket of cold water on the metaverse and Google’s 3.4m hits agree, sex continues to “dominate” Second Life. (more…)

Second Life – Some Months On!

I’ve been away a while but now I’m back and back with a decent internet connection I thought I would check out how Second Life is these days. For starters, not a lot seems to have happened to the website. There’s a Showcase section section which has a number of interesting section, but not a single section for games! I was quite surprised about that, considering that gamers have to be considered a bit part of the SL audience.

In other news, DarkLife continues on Navora sim, and the art and code teams have clearly been working away. It’s looking great and people are still playing. I can’t even remember when we started DarkLife now, but the game has been running longer than World of Warcraft, which is a funny fact to remember.

GameRing – Webringing Second Life

GameRingHad an idea for a web ring inside second life for games. And so I made it! It’s called GameRing and the SL Games Blog has a better description for it than I’ve come up with so far:

“Pirate Cotton, one of the devs behind DarkLife, is just getting started with a new gamer’s resource called GameRing. Similar to a webring, this is a listing of games that is accessed inworld. The idea is that each game in the ring hosts a GameRing information stand. Maybe you are at a place that needs teams and you are alone – by scrolling through the kiosk you find a game suitable for one player and think, “Hmmm… I never heard of that one – think I’ll give it a try.””

DarkLife v2.0 is up!

Hi there. I know it’s been a while (ok, 2 years or so), but DarkLife version 2 is up! YES! At last! The first Second Life MMORPG is back on its feet!

You can go and play on Istaria Prime and enjoy a small version of the content we’re preparing for you on Navora, which is now locked and closed down while we completely remodel the place. We’re very excited to show you the new game and I think you’ll all enjoy it. It’s had significant work on the code, and includes new features like:

Game SLave Wiki dead

Sadly, the Game SLave Wiki has died, and this time it’s not likely to come back. Johan tells me that the database has crashed and he’s been unable to repair it, and worse, the backups had been failing as well. It seems unlikely we’ll see it back. Meanwhile, you can try and keep up to date with games content in SL by reading the useful SL Games blog Onder Skall, Osprey Therian and Seeker Gray publish. It’s a good read!

Searching for ‘Fun’ in Second Life

Looking for ‘Fun’ in all the wrong placesSecond Life is an interesting, challenging, unique environment. At least, that’s what I try and tell my friends, game-devs and some journalists I know. But what do they actually see in-world? Porn, shops, fetishists and casinos. Where’s all the potential of an alternate universe? Where’s the joy of creative human creativity unleashed and without limits? And I’m not talking collars, chains and whips!

Frankly, I find the casinos, clubs and porn of Second Life tedious and dull and I know there’s better content out there, if only I could find it! But the simple fact is that finding anything interesting, stimulating or challenging in Second Life is very, very hard. Hell, just searching for something ‘funny’ can produce some fairly odd results. Click the picture to the left to see an example from Second Life of the search results for the ‘funny’ search. Note, ‘mature content’ is not ticked! I have had to censor the picture to make it moderately safe for work!


Is Google trying to tell me something?

I was checking the blog stats and discovered something interesting. I’m convinced Google thinks I’m a very strange, twisted, if not sick individual. Next to ‘tiny EVE’, the top result to produce a click-through to my blog was ‘group masturbation’! You can see the full list of searches that resulted in click-throughs to my blog below: (more…)

A great blog on games in Second Life!

Onder Skall has a great blog on games in Second Life. He has lots of excellent reviews and overviews of content and games built in Second Life and highlights some of the more creative and interesting aspects of the world.

DarkLife theft – Update

The good news is that Linden Lab has started to investigate the theft and hacking attempted by our little crook. Meanwhile, the event got some coverage on the Second Life Herald (with some interesting debate in the comments) and the legal angle was debated on the blog Virtually Blind.  As it stands now we wish Linden Lab the best of luck in their investigations and we hope the thief wasn’t as smart as he’d like to think he is!

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