DarkLife hacked, $400us stolen

Today I logged in to DarkLife to see a disturbing message from the coder, Bram (aka. Mark Busch in game). The post describes how we’ve had $400us stolen from our main ‘account’ holding our cash in Second Life for the DarkLife game. (more…)

DarkLife, DarkLife, DarkLife!

I feel there’s an echo in here! Again, we’re pushing to get DarkLife updated to the next version, with a complete rebuild of the sim in Second Life. This time we might be able to do it though, Bram has his code about right and Crash and Logan seem keen on getting things squared away. We have most of the art ready, and we have what looks to be a good contractor available should we need someone to do some emergency building or texturing.

Phew! Fingers crossed we’ll have something more to report, as well as the new web page, in the next couple of weeks.

DarkLife hires content creators!

DarkLife is currently looking for artists and builders to rebuild around 3/4 of the sim for the next version of DarkLife. I wrote up a post about our request for tenders and I hope we get a few quality submissions! I think the chance to get paid for the work and the great publicty it presents artists should be a good draw. DarkLife gets a lot of coverage out there in the world so the boost to ones portfolio should not be underestimated!

DarkLife Has Legs

Crash Prefect, one of the Collaborators on DarkLife recently got back from the Second Life fan convention thingumy. He said he had a lot of questions and interest in DarkLife, which is pretty exciting! I wasn’t aware of how widely the game is still followed and updates are waited on. Looks like I might have to dive back in and help push DarkLife up to version 2 and all the exciting goodness that will bring. Good on Crash for encouraging us to keep this thing going! And congratulations to him for securing full time paid employment working as a content creator in Second Life for Rivers Run Red, a marketing, promotion and design firm with a leg in Second Life.

Wiki is down!

The Second Life games wiki I host is currently down. I’m going to have to repair it some how and I’m not sure how long that will take. I’ll try and get it back up soon. Meanwhile, does Linden Labs want to take it over? Wikis suit Second Life perfectly, and slotting in the games one shouldn’t be too hard and all sorts of clever mapping to launch people straight into Second Life. Hmm, good ideas huh?

Update: The wiki remains down, despite my efforts to update it. I’ll give it another go, but I don’t think I have much chance. If you are good at these sorts of things, please let me know and I’ll give you a shot at fixing it! The records are still there, just the config and setup side of things is broke. If I can’t get it fixed it will simply have to stay down.

Second Life’s ‘mile high’ clubs

A month or two ago I wrote an article on the silly side of Second Life, the ‘sky boxes’ where players go to have cyber sex. It was all in good fun and I forgot to link it from my blog, so here it is, go read!

The editor had this to say about the entry!

Veteran builder and gamer Pirate Cotton sets sail on a quest for sexy treasures in this review of five skyboxes. Casting his one good remaining eye over a bevy of designs and textures and, despite his wooden-leg, Pirate manages to road-test a variety of sexballs. With him is the First Mate, Neal Stewart, slinging comments from the starboard bow and insisting that he knows a dead parrot when he sees one. Will they find some very special skybox places? Spiritually, ecumenically and grammatically?

Torley Torgeson’s music

Torley Torgeson, well known Second Life personality has released all of her music (in real life she composed all kinds of techno) for free. Download 230 tracks of music and read her storyhere.

Torley, it turns out, was struck down with hyperacusis, which has caused deafness (I think) which means she can no longer properly continue with her composing dream. Deciding to look forward and not to her past she’s opened up her considerable archive to anyone who wants to listen.

New group in Second Life

I’ve thought for a little bit that it’s quite hard in Second Life to find someone to play a game of chess against, or some ice hockey or bowling or any other of the fun multiplayer games in SL. So, to resolve this, I have created a new, open group in Second Life. ‘Second Life Game Players’ is a group for people who like playing games and want to find team mates, or opponents! Anyone can join and I encourage people on the group to ask for people to join them in playing SL games.

Selling your Second Life content

The success of Tringo should be a wake-up call for content developers in Second Life. Tringo has shown everyone that if you make good content then not only will players come, but so will real world publishers (be they games, book or clothes!). What does this mean for the lowly Second Life developer? Well, a few things:

  • Name your content carefully. It would suck to see your content get big and real-life, only to see it re-named because of some copyright or trademark issue. At least do a search of Google before settling on your name. The United States Patent and Trademark Office is a good place to start your check.
  • Make sure you own the rights to ALL the content in your project. That is, don’t use distinctively copyrighted material as part of your content. For example, Star Wars Bingo has no chance of breaking into the real world as it would probably be using images and icons already copyrighted.
  • Make sure the team who worked on the content is clearly defined or you will get people upset. If you worked on content with some help from a friend and you end up making the big bucks, your friend might feel that they’ve been used. If you have received help from a friend on your project either reward them spontaneously or offer them the chance to join your project officially. If you don’t think about this issue what happens when your friend, now aggrieved, asks for payment for the items he helped you with? Not a fun scenario to work through.

Anyway, just some ideas for the game and content developers amongst us. Have fun!

Second Life Documentary!

Pierce Portocarrero is creating a documentary following a year in the life of Nephilaine Protagonist and her PixelDolls fashion label. There’s will also be some interviews and comments from luminaries and so on. Go have a look at the early footage, it’s great stuff!

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