Second Life’s ‘mile high’ clubs

A month or two ago I wrote an article on the silly side of Second Life, the ‘sky boxes’ where players go to have cyber sex. It was all in good fun and I forgot to link it from my blog, so here it is, go read!

The editor had this to say about the entry!

Veteran builder and gamer Pirate Cotton sets sail on a quest for sexy treasures in this review of five skyboxes. Casting his one good remaining eye over a bevy of designs and textures and, despite his wooden-leg, Pirate manages to road-test a variety of sexballs. With him is the First Mate, Neal Stewart, slinging comments from the starboard bow and insisting that he knows a dead parrot when he sees one. Will they find some very special skybox places? Spiritually, ecumenically and grammatically?

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