Is Google trying to tell me something?

I was checking the blog stats and discovered something interesting. I’m convinced Google thinks I’m a very strange, twisted, if not sick individual. Next to ‘tiny EVE’, the top result to produce a click-through to my blog was ‘group masturbation’! You can see the full list of searches that resulted in click-throughs to my blog below:


– tiny eve
– group masterbation
– best furry places in sl
– gay bdsm
– blog slave gay
– make money in entropia
– selling in second life
– Harem Slaves
– bdsm+extrem+human animals
– blog bdsm slave gay

What can I say? Come to for all your gay bdsm extreme animal blogging!

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  1. Ted

     /  May 18, 2007

    Are you trying to say that your not a very strange, twisted, and sick individual? Quite the blog you are running here Peter!!


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