DarkLife v2.0 is up!

Hi there. I know it’s been a while (ok, 2 years or so), but DarkLife version 2 is up! YES! At last! The first Second Life MMORPG is back on its feet!

You can go and play on Istaria Prime and enjoy a small version of the content we’re preparing for you on Navora, which is now locked and closed down while we completely remodel the place. We’re very excited to show you the new game and I think you’ll all enjoy it. It’s had significant work on the code, and includes new features like:

  • Fully working HUD
  • Newly optimized and faster code
  • New art
  • Ability to modify and upgrade weapons
  • Quest NPCs
  • Better grouping functions
  • New spells
  • And so on!

It’s been a lot of hard work for Mark Busch and Crash Prefect, with Logan and moderators like Ethen Powell and Trevor Langdon helping out as well. I applaud their efforts to bring something a bit different to SL.

You can find out a little more on the DarkLife website (under construction) and follow the links to the flickr group, the forums, and whatnot.

The FAQ on the site should answer most questions from veteran players, and the docs in game at the little town in the Istaria build should have enough info for new players, but like the site, we’ll be working on those as well.

Once Navora is up we’ll have a grand opening and of course, everyone will be invited!

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