Bought an iPhone 3G

It’s 2am, so clearly time to blog. I bought an iPhone 3G! …the irony of doing this after my previous post is not lost on me. However, in my defense, I’ve managed to jiggle the plans around until I got one I was happy with. The change from my previous hatred and bile is that I’ve realised that the $50 standard Vodafone plan gets me almost the same deal as the $80 a month plan. Of course, the $80 plan has lots of minutes and texts, but I don’t make that many calls, and the $50 plan has 20 minutes of calls (yes, I know Rest of World, WTF), which will do for me.

The $50 plan has a data cap that’s almost the same as the $80 plan, and if I go over my limit it remains pretty cheap. I also threw on 2000 text messages for $10 bucks. So all up I got a good deal, got a discount on the phone for signing up with those plans, and I’ve got me an iPhone. I’m also quite happy that a combination of selling Second Life currency and other gaming stuff netted me the cash I needed to buy the phone itself.

Yay! iPhone! Yay New Zealand for being first in the world to get it! Boo Vodafone and Telecom NZ for their crappy plans!

Good night!

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