iPhone Friday!

New Zealand will be the first country in the world to get the new iPhone! Around 9am Friday Vodafone stores will open and us eager tech geeks will rush in to buy. Only problem, we’ll have to line up in the freezing cold is my guess. No pre-orders, no idea how many are going to be in the shops, we won’t even know contract plan details until Friday morning. Sounds like a recipe for chaos and annoyance. But.. I’ll be there I bet!

Second Life – Some Months On!

I’ve been away a while but now I’m back and back with a decent internet connection I thought I would check out how Second Life is these days. For starters, not a lot seems to have happened to the website. There’s a Showcase section section which has a number of interesting section, but not a single section for games! I was quite surprised about that, considering that gamers have to be considered a bit part of the SL audience.

In other news, DarkLife continues on Navora sim, and the art and code teams have clearly been working away. It’s looking great and people are still playing. I can’t even remember when we started DarkLife now, but the game has been running longer than World of Warcraft, which is a funny fact to remember.

GameRing – Webringing Second Life

GameRingHad an idea for a web ring inside second life for games. And so I made it! It’s called GameRing and the SL Games Blog has a better description for it than I’ve come up with so far:

“Pirate Cotton, one of the devs behind DarkLife, is just getting started with a new gamer’s resource called GameRing. Similar to a webring, this is a listing of games that is accessed inworld. The idea is that each game in the ring hosts a GameRing information stand. Maybe you are at a place that needs teams and you are alone – by scrolling through the kiosk you find a game suitable for one player and think, “Hmmm… I never heard of that one – think I’ll give it a try.””

Nike+ for fun!

I recently picked up a Nike+ kit for an Ipod Nano. The kit consitsts of a small device that plugs into the bottom of your nano, and a pedometer you put on (or in) your shoe. You then run, and the device talks to you while you listen to music and tells you your pace, distance and time. You can use the Nike+ website to check your stats when you synch your iPod, and you can set yourself goals, or your friends challenges. It’s pretty damn cool! If you’d like to challenge me, send something workable to TinyPirate on the Nike+ site.

You can check out my runs via the cool Nike+ sidebar on this site. Scroll down a bit and there you’ll see it!

DarkLife v2.0 is up!

Hi there. I know it’s been a while (ok, 2 years or so), but DarkLife version 2 is up! YES! At last! The first Second Life MMORPG is back on its feet!

You can go and play on Istaria Prime and enjoy a small version of the content we’re preparing for you on Navora, which is now locked and closed down while we completely remodel the place. We’re very excited to show you the new game and I think you’ll all enjoy it. It’s had significant work on the code, and includes new features like:
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Player oversight coming to EVE Online

News reports state that there will be a player-elected oversight body to watch CCP and be available to audit CCP operations in supporting EVE Online. It’s an interesting, unique idea and I hope that it works out. But despite this enlightened approach, it seems people in CCP still do not get why their players got so riled up recently. This is evidenced by a quote from an interview CCP dev Magnus Bergsson conducted:

Ten Ton Hammer: Ever since this story was released, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the reasoning behind a player base as large as Goonsquad willingly undermining the foundations of the company that created their game. Why would a group of people do that?

Magnus: They refuse to admit that they’re losing to another alliance, and the only explanation that they can figure out is that those guys are cheating. Not just that they’re cheating, but that they’re cheating in cooperation with employees at CCP. That seems to be the only logical explanation that they’re coming up with. Read the full post »

Amazing photo tech – Must see!

Saw an amazing video for Photosynth, which is a clever piece of technology put together by a company bought out by Microsoft. Imagine a piece of software that reads every public photo (eg, off flickr), and links them all together to create seamless 3D models and environments. Spread that across the world. I don’t know whether to be excited, or scared! You can also try a simpler demo yourself.

CCP: “This isn’t the controversy you’re looking for”

EVE Online’s developers, CCP, have produced a formal, written reply to the community about the recent accusations of developer collusion with players and other problems. Before I begin to nitpick I would like to applaud CCP for going to the effort and it’s a good start. Note, I say start. This is the second controversy to come from EVE Online, the first being referred to in an earlier post here and in many other places. They handled the first complaint so poorly back then that players are going to have a hard time swallowing what is a better effort by CCP to engage with the community.

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EVE Online controversy

There’s more developer controversy around EVE Online. An open letter to CCP has been penned by the SomethingAwful alliance, Goonswarm, where various claims of impropriety are put forward. Most troubling is the accusation in the letter of a direct coms line between a Band of Brothers (a large, powerful alliance) player and a developer, where the developer, on the player’s word, banned a member of the EVE Online customer service team.

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Game SLave Wiki dead

Sadly, the Game SLave Wiki has died, and this time it’s not likely to come back. Johan tells me that the database has crashed and he’s been unable to repair it, and worse, the backups had been failing as well. It seems unlikely we’ll see it back. Meanwhile, you can try and keep up to date with games content in SL by reading the useful SL Games blog Onder Skall, Osprey Therian and Seeker Gray publish. It’s a good read!

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