Searching for ‘Fun’ in Second Life

Looking for ‘Fun’ in all the wrong placesSecond Life is an interesting, challenging, unique environment. At least, that’s what I try and tell my friends, game-devs and some journalists I know. But what do they actually see in-world? Porn, shops, fetishists and casinos. Where’s all the potential of an alternate universe? Where’s the joy of creative human creativity unleashed and without limits? And I’m not talking collars, chains and whips!

Frankly, I find the casinos, clubs and porn of Second Life tedious and dull and I know there’s better content out there, if only I could find it! But the simple fact is that finding anything interesting, stimulating or challenging in Second Life is very, very hard. Hell, just searching for something ‘funny’ can produce some fairly odd results. Click the picture to the left to see an example from Second Life of the search results for the ‘funny’ search. Note, ‘mature content’ is not ticked! I have had to censor the picture to make it moderately safe for work!

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Is Google trying to tell me something?

I was checking the blog stats and discovered something interesting. I’m convinced Google thinks I’m a very strange, twisted, if not sick individual. Next to ‘tiny EVE’, the top result to produce a click-through to my blog was ‘group masturbation’! You can see the full list of searches that resulted in click-throughs to my blog below: Read the full post »

New camera, SCORE!

My new camera!I’ve just treated myself to a lovely new digital camera. A Cannon S3 PowerShot. My older digital camera was looking very long in the tooth, with no zoom, low res images and generally poor quality (especially indoors). This camera, however, is perfect! The price was good, the image quality is excellent and it’s brim-full of options. It has a great zoom, great optics, and I don’t know how else it could be improved. Expect to see my flickr sidebar widget update a lot as I go out and use it!

EVE-Online video I made!

I’ve been working on a video for EVE-Online for a couple of weeks. It’s a comedy music video set to the Electric Six tune “Gay Bar”. You can read about it on the EVE-Online forums, with links and replies from forumites: “Gay Bar – A Tribute to SirMolle”

* Now with a YouTube Link!

A great blog on games in Second Life!

Onder Skall has a great blog on games in Second Life. He has lots of excellent reviews and overviews of content and games built in Second Life and highlights some of the more creative and interesting aspects of the world.

Foodgasmic Wellington – New Blog!

Me and my lady, Laura, have started a blog on food in Wellington. We both enjoy eating out and we both have strong opinions about the range of great, and not-so-great restaurants in Wellington. Also, Laura loves to take pictures of her dinners! Yes, it’s a strange habit, but I figured, why not put it to good use! Hence, a blog about food. You can go read our blog at Foodgasmic Wellington! I hope you enjoy it.

DarkLife theft – Update

The good news is that Linden Lab has started to investigate the theft and hacking attempted by our little crook. Meanwhile, the event got some coverage on the Second Life Herald (with some interesting debate in the comments) and the legal angle was debated on the blog Virtually Blind.  As it stands now we wish Linden Lab the best of luck in their investigations and we hope the thief wasn’t as smart as he’d like to think he is!

DarkLife hacked, $400us stolen

Today I logged in to DarkLife to see a disturbing message from the coder, Bram (aka. Mark Busch in game). The post describes how we’ve had $400us stolen from our main ‘account’ holding our cash in Second Life for the DarkLife game. Read the full post »

Crap websites – named and shamed

Few things annoy me more than bad web site design. I want to give people money, I want to buy their products, but if I can’t research the product on your website or I can chuck it in a shopping cart and order it, chances are I will never bother spending money with you and will be annoyed your web site for wasting my time. And then I’ll blog about it because I’m angsty.

Harvey Norman New Zealand – A terrible website that tells you to download their catalog or you can flip through a scanned pop-up copy that does not even show enough detail to read the text of the ad! There’s no online ordering facility at all. Completely and utterly awful.

Overclockers – A nice company based in New Zealand offering good computer gear. Shame about the website. Red on black text? Hello, MySpace want their 13 year olds back! At least the shopping cart works I guess.

Reading Cinemas – For a long time this site was completely broken in Firefox and IE. You could simply not get film listings or times to display. Now, they’ve repaired it (took a couple of months) and have a great scheme where you can sign up for ‘rewards’ in return for most of your personal information. Hmm. What makes this dubious offer worse is that when you do sign up, they send a confirmation email which includes your login and password in plain text! Now, I don’t use the same password for everything, but I do use the same password for ‘junky’ things like signing up to crappy websites. It’s good to know any bored admin can access mail logs on the many servers between here and Reading and check out my password too!

ASB Bank – Their login page involve a simple one-step login process. In the UK many banks moved to a two-step process involving a user name and password as well as a drop down asking you to select a letter from your user name. This step was designed to defeat key-loggers, which are heavily used by East European criminal gangs in particular. No such sophistication for New Zealand banking customers.

DarkLife, DarkLife, DarkLife!

I feel there’s an echo in here! Again, we’re pushing to get DarkLife updated to the next version, with a complete rebuild of the sim in Second Life. This time we might be able to do it though, Bram has his code about right and Crash and Logan seem keen on getting things squared away. We have most of the art ready, and we have what looks to be a good contractor available should we need someone to do some emergency building or texturing.

Phew! Fingers crossed we’ll have something more to report, as well as the new web page, in the next couple of weeks.

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