I love flickr!

Flickr is a wonderful service that lets you upload, store and share pictures in a flash. If you haven’t noticed already I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I am completely in love with it. It can have my little ginger babies if it wants and I promise to never ditch it and fight over who owns the dog. Never! You are mine flickr, MINE!

Ok, well, yes, you should all go and check out flickr. It lets you use a tiny application to directly upload images to your image store and you can also send in images by email, mobile phone and via a web page. Once you have loaded the images you can title them, send them to groups (kind of like a shared image noticeboard) and you can quickly post them into blogs. You can also stream them to web sites easily as you can see further down in my blog.

The groups function is quite nice. I started one for my family and joined ones for Second Life, Auckland (where I live) and Wellinton (where I studied).

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