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I’m currently building a wiki for all the games in Second Life. Called Game SLave, the idea will be that all the games you can play in Second Life will be indexed and described so you’re never short of having something to do in game. Being a wiki, any reader can come along and update, modify and add to the wiki.

So far it’s proving an interesting challenge, and not one without a few hiccups. Thus, if you know tikiwiki, please get in touch! I need a hand! You can mail Peter(at)

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    Q. Won't the book get out of date?
    A. No, O'Reilly ebook owners get updates for free for life as the game changes and I edit the manuscript. Others can register their book at O' for $5.

    Q. Does Toady, the designer, approve?
    A. It was Toady who suggested O'Reilly contact me to write the book when they were looking for an author, and he wrote the foreword. He's a big fan!

    Q. Does Toady get a cut of profits? A. I am making donations to Toady each month based on my own royalties. Toady will also benefit from the donations brought by all the new players!
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