Further optimization tips

Lo Jacobs had some excellent optimization tips on the forum, pointing out a couple of things I overlooked. I will quote her post in full, as it’s full of good idea.

They are good tips, but I must make one correction here; if you write “dresses” in your store description it WILL show up in Find if someone types “dress”. I’ve done it myself.

Also, not to nitpick but there IS limited space. They’re great tips and I try to make my store descriptions as accessible as possible (utilizing much the same logic as yours) but when you’ve got makeup AND shoes AND pants AND dresses AND skins AND shirts, not to mention formal wear, lingerie, and men’s clothes, and possibly hats and animations and hair (not that I have all that stuff) — you have to decide what you want to put in.

Another thing is, you still want to make the description appealing, throw in a little advertising, which also takes up space.

So it’s a little tough to do sometimes especially when you’ve got a huge variety of things to sell.

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