Another Optimization Secret

Yesterday I was searching for Metadverse, the ad network being built in Second Life by Rather Underthorn. But I couldn’t find it. An average searcher might have given up there, but instead I persevered and a did a search, discovering I had actually spelt the name wrong. The correct spelling was Metaadverse, and so I was able to find the location and organizer. What does this teach us? Yes, Rathe needs to put somewhere in his Metaadverse description a miss-spelling of his company’s name. I imagine many others are capable of making a similar mistake, and putting the common misspelling in his land description will ensure interested people still find his shop.

If you own a property with an unusual name or a hard-to-spell name you might want to think about adding in the odd misspelling to your property or personal profiles. The DarkLife project suffers from a misspelling problem, in that people often refer to it as Dark Life. Thus I have tried to make sure both types of spellings are used in various places.

Hope you enjoy today’s tip. I’ll bring you one more at the end of the week!

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  1. Heyo Pirate! Thanks for letting me RIDE THE BRAIN! w000h0000t! 🙂

    And great story. I agree that the two A’s confused me too (InterCaps makes it more clear however).

    One of my fave examples is the name “Avril Lavigne” — that has SO many ways to mispell. Even with my own name, which is six letters (down from 100+ in Thai), I have to take caution because I see a lot of “Torely” and “Torly” mispellings out there. Eeeps! 🙂


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